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◎Technical Index
Composition: Dispersions of acrylic polymers
Appearance: Milky white viscous fluid
Ionic Property: Anionic
Solid Content: 72±2%
PH Value: 6~7

◎Properties and characteristics
1. It is a kind of high performance printing thickener with high concentration developed purposely for textile pigment printing. It is safe in use. Due to the properties of the product itself and application technique, it will bring an effect in reducing environmental pollution and hence is helpful for environmental protection.
2. Applicable for printing on cotton, especially for polyester or blended fabrics.
3. Applicable for different printing technique on flat screen, rotary screen, roller, and handy screen.
4. Excellent electrolytic resists property. Without flushing / bleeding problem.
5. It can be added directly to mixed printing paste for enhance the viscosity or used together with water for stock paste(pigment paste, binder and other composition not yet added), convenient in application.
6. Free from screen choking problem.

◎Recommended dosage
1.8%-2.2% depends on the binder, pigment paste and other additives used together and appropriate viscosity normally required for printing.

60kgs, 130kgs or 150kgs net in plastic drum.

1. Store EM-PTP at a ventilated, cool and dry place with temperature under 40°C(104°F).
2. Don’t keep it in containers made of soft steel, copper, aluminum or in rusty containers.
3. Keep away from water during storage.
4. Please stir well before use.