Eight major factors

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Effect of dye
1, different batches of the dye have poor batches, each batch to be tested into the dye poor;
2, material storage room dye mismanagement, caused by the influx or cross-color dye;
3, improper laboratory liquor life management, fails to replace;
4, laboratory dye liquor dilution poor concentration, improper manual pipette control;
5. Select compatibility proximity dye in mixed colors process, there is competition dyeing phenomenon, generating around color.
Effect of Additives
1, note the differences between batches of aid, in addition, pay attention to agitation barrel aid access;
2, the amount of additives can cause different shade variation and final fixing the amount of attention between the sample and the amount of additives laboratory workshop production control.
Color fabric caused
1, consistent play sample of fabric to the production of goods and cloth batches.
2, play sample of fabric longer storage time, moisture or gas by a greater impact, causing the size of the sample color. Laboratory fabric often change, and a good package with a film, completely separated from the laboratory of dyes, from the effects of bad gas.
Chromatic aberration caused by process conditions
1, the workshop production must strictly enforce the laboratory release process.
2, liquor ratio dyeing (holding) time pressure dyeing have a major impact on the color. Dyeing bath different shade differences are significant. At a certain temperature to extend staining (holding) time, the amount of dye on the dye will be significantly increased.
After finishing on the shade
1, after finishing laboratories and workshops are not uniform, different finishing processes have different effects on the shade. Such as temperature control, the use of fixing agent and the like, can seriously affect the shade result.
2, there are differences after finishing laboratories and workshops, have not been adjusted accordingly.
The impact of water quality on color
1, play sample used for water quality and water quality used in large-scale production to be consistent.
2, the water quality in different periods, there may be differences in impurities contained in the composition and content, PH value and the hardness and so on, these differences can also cause color, plus white for light and try to use soft water, in order to reduce the impact of water quality.
Effect of machine equipment
1, the weighing accuracy is not enough, laboratory weighing balance with a long bad accuracy, especially weighing sample, the error is large kind of impact is more obvious.
2, the meter is not an accurate indication of vat. Including equipment failure, according to the provisions of the instrument is not calibrated, pressure leaks and other.
Anthropogenic impact
1, the staff of the operation fails regulations. This is mainly simply more training of staff responsibility, conscience, while maintaining the stability of the employees (related to the accumulation of experience in technology proficiency to minimize errors) and the like.
2, related to all aspects of human resource management issues.

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