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  • Item: Disperse Dyes Printing Thickener EM-630

General Description

EM-630 thickener is an anionic acrylic polymer, serving as coloring carrier in fabric printing with dispersive dyes on polyester or polyester blended fabrics. Usually, it can take the place of other kinds of dispersive thickener, like CMT, CMC and CMS at much lower cost. 


Technical Index



Ionic Property

Solid Content

PH Value

Acrylic polymers

Milky white viscous fluid





Properties and characteristics

1. Viscous liquid, easy to take out or mix with other auxiliaries.

2. Printing paste is easy to make, it can be ready in a while after high-speed stirring.

3. Post-thickening function allows extra dosage even in case the printing paste is not viscous enough. Add some thickener when stirring to adjust the consistency of printing paste.

4. The performance of prepared printing paste is very stable, which brings no problem to use the rest of paste next time.

5. Printing paste complemented by this thickener has good color yield, sharp definition. Even under special situation, the paste won’t spray out.

6. Economical in use. Comparing to CMT or CMS, EM-630 is very less in application dosage, which largely reduces processing cost.

7. Easy wash-off, hence gain soft hand feeling.



1. Measure certain dosage of thickener, add specified dosage of water and stir the mixture with high-speed emulsion centrifuge. Paste will be shaped in a few minutes.

2. Mix dyestuff and water together. Add thickener, while mixture is stirred with high-speed emulsion centrifuge, until it reaches required consistency.   

3. Recommended dosage: 2-3% subject to dosage of dyes and required printing viscosity. 

4. Dispersed dyestuff paste formula for reference

      EM-630     Dispersed dyestuff      Water      Total   

       2.5-3.3%        1-10%                   X%       100%


Procedure of Printing

Printing→ Drying→ High steaming fixation→ Wash-off→ Rear finishing→ Finished products



60kgs, 130kgs or 150kgs net in plastic drum.



1. Quality guarantee period: ONE year after delivery.

2. Store EM-630 at a ventilated, cool and dry place with temperature under 40°C(104°F).

3. Don’t keep it in containers made of soft steel, copper, aluminum or in rusty containers.

4. Keep away from water during storage.

5. Please stir well before use.

6. Above usages have been proved through practice. But considering practical printing technique, please choose the right technical process after experiment.