Development History

In 1992, entered the printing and dyeing auxiliary industry to produce printing paste

In 1995, began the R&D of coating thickener and white adhesive cement

In 2002, the coating thickener 618 was successfully developed, replacing the imported PTE

In 2003, disperse thickener 628 was successfully developed, replacing the printing paste

In 2004, Yimei Printing and Dyeing Auxiliary Factory was founded and Yimei brand was born

In 2005, Foshan Sanshui Datang Resin Co., Ltd. was prepared to be built, kicking off the prelude of sustainable development

In 2008, Foshan Sanshui Datang Resin Co., Ltd. was established and put into production

In 2010, Foshan Yimei Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. was established

In 2011, the active thickener 610 was successfully put into market

In 2012, joined hands with the international famous paste material supplier; joined hands with Xi’an Polytechnic University to set up an Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base, a graduate student workstation, and an associated research and development center. And the international business was comprehensively started.

In 2013, upgraded equipment. Promote new kind of pigment printing thickener EM-PTE, reactive dyes printing thickener EM-620, eco-friendly pigment to the market.

In 2014, promote super soft printing binder EM-45A. Datang Resin became a member of Guangdong Cleaning Production Unit.

In 2015, Yimei Chemicals moved into Tian’an Cyber Park. Pigment printing thickener EM-PTP, reactive dyes printing thickener EM-620R, disperse dyes printing thickener EM-630 put into mass production. Upgraded super soft hand feeling printing binder EM-45A.

In 2016, set up the project of digital printing auxiliaries. Set up the project of high fastness and soft hand feeling pigment printing overall plan.